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Events Pricing

Single Listing Pricing Plans
Event PLUS Listing & Business Listing ($10.00)
Event listed under 'Upcoming Events' on the homepage AND have a listing photo that is twice as large AND add up to three other pictures.  
BUSINESSES: if you would like to advertise a business event such as a class, happy hour, sale, expo, grand opening or other event in the normal course of your business, this is your category.  Add the same recurring event at the same venue for up to six months.
Event PLUS Listing includes:
*Up to 4 photos. Plus a larger listing photo that is twice as big.
*Event listed under 'Upcoming Events' list on homepage. 
*Form or registration upload
*Your web link
*Event information
*Approved within 1 business day 
Only $10.00 and your event runs for 6 months. 
Premier Featured Event ($50.00)
Place your event on our home page so everyone will see it!  
Your event positioned on our homepage under the featured events section AND on the homepage slideshow.  Event included on the 'Upcoming Events' list on home page AND will help promote your event on our Facebook page and in our newsletter.
*up to 10 photos
*Event included on homepage slideshow.
*Exclusive boosted Facebook post to our page with over 18,000 likes and growing.
*Inclusion in our newsletter sent to over 12,000 people
*your website link
*video clip (Google Video, YouTube, Yahoo Video - code)
*approved within 1 business day 
Cost is only $50 and listing runs for six months.
Non Profit Event Listing-Businesses Please See Plans Above (FREE)
This category is for non-profit or no fee Idaho events such as concerts, library events, performing arts, charity events, festivals, benefits, etc. If you would like to advertise a business event such as classes, sales, expos, grand openings, services or products available, happy hours or other for profit event, please see the listing categories above.
Basic Includes: 
1 Small Listing Photo ( Upgrade to four photos a larger listing photo AND have your event placed under 'upcoming events' on the homepage for just $10.00, See Event Plus Above) 
approved within 3 business days 
Runs for 6 months
Subscription Pricing Plans
Online 10 Day Advertising - Home Page ($25.00)
Is your event coming up soon or do you need to advertise a sale, open house or home for sale?   
 *Size: 200 by 270 (side) or 465 x 110 (top)
*Linked to your website
*$25.00 for up to ten days
Call us today at 870-1604 or email at
Online Advertising - Category Page ($50.00)
ON SITE ADVERTISING receives over 11,000 visits and over 50,000 page views per month!  Advertise your business or event on
Category Advertising 
Advertise your business or event in a specific category (ex. Family Fun, Children's Activities, Concerts) 
*One category of your choosing
*Size: 200 by 270 (side) or 465 x 110 (top)
*Linked to your website
*$50.00 per month
 Call us today at 870-1604 or email at
Online Advertising - Home Page ($75.00)
 Advertise your business or event on's homepage!
 *Home page 
*Linked to your website 
*200 by 270 (side) or 465 x 110 (top)
*$75.00 per Month 
 Call us today at 870-1604 or email at 
Online Advertising - Home Page 2 Months ($150.00)
Two month homepage advertising!
*Home page
*Linked to your website
*200 by 270 (side) or 465 x 110 (top)
*$150 for two months 
Call us today at 870-1604 or email at
Venue Pricing Plans
Venue Listing Plan (FREE)

For venues and businesses that have multiple listings per year we have pricing plans that are cost effective and tailored to meet your needs.  Please contact us at 208-870-1604 or